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Reasons to Switch to Solar Energy

Lower Bill

Save Money

As you know, paying expensive utility rates with yearly increases adds up in the long run. Solar energy is the most efficient and economical way to obtain electricity because the power is generated directly on your roof. This can save you up to 75% on your monthly electric bill. Call us now and get an estimation on your new and reduced electric bill today!


Clean, Safe & Renewable

Solar eliminates the need to burn dirty power sources like coal or gas. When you make the switch to clean, affordable energy, you will save over 300 tons of CO2 from our planet. Solar homes contribute to protecting our forests, lakes, and rivers by sparing the air, saving trees, and preventing pollution.


Take Control

Imagine paying the same amount on your electricity bill for the next 20-25 years, and then after that having a solar system on your roof that will produce for 5-10 more years for FREE. That’s one of the many ways a solar system allows you to take the control BACK from the utility company. You are no longer hostage to unfair rate increases, have predictable utility bills, and have achieved the ultimate form of protection — you are free.

Home Value

It’s No Brainer

Making the switch to solar energy will improve your home’s appraisal. The average solar system purchase can increase a home resale value up to 15%. With solar panels, you can relax when it’s time to sell your home.

Clean Energy and a Lower Electric Bill at Zero Out of Pocket Cost

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